Renner hammers

Our impeccable craftsmanship using natural materials

The highest-quality sound with Renner hammers

Choosing the right hammers is essential to ensuring exceptional upright or grand piano sound, which is why Renner places such great importance on maximum precision and quality natural materials. Our hammer heads are made of hand-selected wood and accurately covered with the finest felt. Precise drilling and quality stainless-steel rivets result in hammers that provide perfect sound. True craftsmanship lies in working with meticulous precision, right down to the exact millimeter. That’s how Renner provides breathtaking tone that’s guaranteed to thrill listeners.

Hammerköpfe von Renner

The feel of a grand piano is the product of the collaborative efforts of the action manufacturer, the keyboard manufacturer, and the piano maker. A superb action is fundamental to the feel of the piano, but action alone does not guarantee it.

The gold standard for sound

We define it, and we pass it on. Great sound – perfect sound. Come to one of our training programs or seminars and hear piano sound as we define it.

Seminar information

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