Renner piano actions

The artistry of the action is the connecting link between pianist and instrument


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Renner makes music more beautiful worldwide

Tradition makes the difference in Renner piano actions. The intricate hammer mechanisms are precisely hand-crafted at the Renner production facility. The action is the heart of the piano; it greatly affects intonation and how the instrument feels to play. That’s why you’ll find Renner actions in the best upright and grand pianos on the planet.

Renner is the world’s most-renowned manufacturer of piano actions and hammers. Wherever there’s a grand piano in a large concert hall or an upright in a discerning music lover’s living room, Renner is usually involved. Renner’s promise and objective is to provide precise, meticulous handiwork to create an unmistakable tone - one that sounds the same all over the world. Even when pianos with Renner actions are transported long distances or exposed to fluctuating temperatures, the sound never changes thanks to our impeccable craftsmanship.

Over the past century, nearly 3 million Renner piano actions have helped shape music across the globe. Renner has been, and continues to be, the only European manufacturer capable of competing on the tough, now-global piano market for over 130 years.

Above all, this is thanks to the skill of its workforce, the imagination of its developers, and a company philosophy that focuses on quality. What sets Renner apart is tradition – tradition that never becomes obsolete, even in the face of the digital transition. Renner emphasizes exceptional quality in each of the 8,800-plus parts that make up a piano action.


Natural materials give Renner actions their durability

Renner piano actions are the product of sophisticated design and unparalleled manufacturing precision. Their fine mechanical details represent the sum total of Renner customers’ widely varied, often even somewhat contradictory wishes. We use only select, top-quality natural materials in Renner actions, and we monitor those materials continuously. In order to ensure the greatest possible uniformity, each step of our manufacturing process is held to incredibly exacting standards, so each Renner action allows pianists to play with fluid precision they can reproduce with great reliability. Their exceptional quality will continue to delight generations to come. When installed with care, they meet even the most discerning standards. They are the product of a hundred and forty years of experience and innovation. One Renner customer contacted us to share a world-famous artist’s opinion of Renner actions:

“The instrument has to obey me, whether I’m playing pianissimo or with full force. Renner actions do that. When they’re perfectly regulated, the repetition is wonderful and the trills really shine through.”

Our company will continue to use new knowledge gleaned through calculations, research and experience to ensure that Renner actions are manufactured using only the very best materials and designs.

Piano mit offener Technik

What artists say about Renner actions

It’s always the same experience when I play on your grand. It’s never let me down. Thanks to the magic you breathed into the action, I had a feeling of security and a job well done throughout the entire concert.

The action had extremely comfortable feel and opened up so many possibilities for nuance, right down to the most extreme pianissimo; it was a delight for me as a player.

A well-regulated Renner action is a friend for life. Renner’s experience in selecting the best materials and its incredibly precise workmanship give the instrument an incomparable feel.

Playing a Renner action is exceptionally pleasant, and because they are so well-balanced, they allow both the delicate coloration and sparkling passagework, with wonderful modulation in every register and an almost ideal touch.

The feel of a grand piano is the product of the collaborative efforts of the action manufacturer, the keyboard manufacturer, and the piano maker. A superb action is fundamental to the feel of the piano, but action alone does not guarantee it.

More than anything, the improvements to playability we have made over the past hundred years are thanks to continuous requests and feedback from concert pianists.

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