Replacement parts service

Original replacement and repair parts

Besides the strings, two internal components have the most impact on the sound of an upright or a grand: the action and the hammer heads. Both categories of product are core competencies of Renner’s.

Renner offers original replacement parts for repairing and servicing many upright and grand models. If original replacement parts are no longer available for your instrument, never fear – Renner has perfectly sized parts for nearly any model. For older instruments, our replacement-action service will specially calculate and manufacture an action mechanism perfectly tailored to your instrument, making your old piano feel like one fresh from the factory.

Renner can also provide perfectly sized hammer heads for your upright or grand piano. Using its years of expertise and exceptional consultation, Renner will determine which of the many hammers in its portfolio will fit your instrument perfectly, so that your piano technician can voice your instrument exactly the way you desire. Renner’s replacement parts service will help your piano-maker make your upright or grand piano a perfect instrument again.

Zusägen von Holzteilen

Renner installation services for original and replacement parts

In addition to manufacturing and distributing both original and replacement parts, Renner also offers an installation service. We provide expert consultation and support on proper installation of piano components, and can provide quick assistance with instrument repair.

Innenleben eines Pianos

Original Renner tool service

Tools to use yourself

Original Renner tools put our expertise in your hands, allowing you to make the most of your intuition and skill when restoring an instrument to its resonant glory.

Contact Renner for special repair, voicing, regulation, and maintenance equipment for every part of an upright or grand piano – from tuning hammers to regulating tools to needleholders. If you like, we’ll also include a lovely and practical guide to help you get started.

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