Passing down the tradition

Experience is the groundwork

Renner does something very few people can. So we want our many years of experience manufacturing one-of-a-kind piano actions and high-quality hammers to be passed on from generation to generation. Renner shares its knowledge in a variety of ways, including seminars, tours, and unique journeyman’s pieces. Renner is also represented at international music conferences, such as those in Shanghai and Frankfurt.

Handarbeit ein der Produktion

Piano maker exam kit

Piano-making knowledge needs to be preserved, which is why Renner offers one-of-a-kind piano maker exam kits to help new generations of piano makers worldwide prepare for their examinations. Our piano maker exam kits cover a range of skills, such as assembling or installing actions, keyboards, or hammer heads. Renner also offers additional models on a single-key or three-key basis.

Quality is a promise of durability

The craftsmanship behind Renner piano actions and hammers stands for quality that will be passed down through generations to come. Our carefully selected, all-natural materials ensure maximum durability. Renner is represented at annual musical and cultural events held in Gärtringen and Stuttgart, so that anyone interested can experience the quality behind Renner actions. Special children’s presentations provide a playful introduction to the inner workings of the piano. These and other public-outreach activities are Renner’s way of passing a piece of tradition on.

The sound of our actions is proof of our passion

Renner is passionate about pianos, and we share that passion at in-house seminars. Piano-makers, industry professionals, and interested parties around the world are welcome to join us at Renner headquarters, for seminars showcasing how Renner actions create their unique sound. Hammer intonation, regulation, grand action assembly and installation ... experience them all live! We are proud to share traditions and knowledge far and wide on how actions and hammers create beautiful sound.
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