Our head offices in Gärtringen

Max Planck Str. 18 – 24, 71116 Gärtringen
Tel. +49 (7034) 6450-0
Fax +49 (7034) 6450-68
E-Mail info@louis-renner.de

Renner’s head offices in Gärtringen, near Stuttgart, is where the dried raw timber is joined into glueboard, which is then used to make all of our raw workpieces. This stage of the process is largely automated where possible, but with a great deal of hand refinement in quality-relevant areas. After a long resting period, these workpieces are sent to Meuselwitz, near Leipzig, for further processing.

Stammhaus Gärtringen

The assembly plant in Meuselwitz

Hainstraße 1, 04610 Meuselwitz

The Leipzig economic region was once the hub of the German piano industry. The skilled employees and experienced piano-making specialists at Renner’s assembly plant in Meuselwitz are the heart and soul of our action production process.

There, the workpieces from Gärtringen are combined into modules, which are in turn assembled into complete actions. Since Summer 2014, Renner has also manufactured its piano hammers in a large, modern production hall there, turning hand-selected woods and the finest felts into instrumental mechanisms of impeccable quality.

Der Standort in Meuselwitz von oben
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